Coach Rice is the head coach and president.  He is a highly decorated rifle coach.  Most recently Coach Rice received his license from the International Shooting Sports Federation.  He is one of only five rifle coaches in the US with an international license.  He was one of the first USA Shooting Advanced Coaches.  He is a part of the National Coach Development Staff, an elite group of coaches that guides the direction of the discipline on a national level.   This is a joint certification by USA Shooting, the Civilian Marksmanship Program, and the NRA.  He is an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer.  In addition, he is a Level 1 USA Shooting Official.  Coach Rice is also a 4H Rifle Instructor and a BSA Rifle Merit Badge Counselor.  Coach Rice has been appointed Indiana State Co-Director of the Civilian Marksmanship Program. He can be reached at 260-437-3867.

Coach Gregg Rice
Diane Rice, MBA

Diane is the Vice President of Business and Range Operations.  Recently she received a Certificate in Fund Raising Management from the IUPUI Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.  She is an NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer and Level 1 Coach.  She is a certified Refuse To Be A Victim®  Instructor.  Diane is the Indiana State Co-Director of the Civilian Marksmanship Program. She is a State Director (Northeast) for the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association.  She can be reached at 260-437-3860.

  • Brandon Miller – Level 2 Coach / Range Safety Officer
  • Randy Schreiber – Level 1 Coach / Range Safety Officer
  • Kurt Beuchel – Level 1 Coach / Range Safety Officer
  • Gary Reinking—Rifle Coach (30 years experience)
  • Jared Rice – Level 1 Coach
  • Cody Rice – Level 1 Coach
  • Bruce Schubert – Level 1 Coach
  • Daniel Shanebrook – Level 1 Coach
  • Tony Musco – Level 1 Coach
  • Frank Yanko – Level 1 Coach
  • Jeff Buczak—Range Safety Officer
  • Missy Martin—Range Safety Officer
  • John Yarde – Level 1 Coach
  • Justin Bierbaum – Level 1 Coach
  • Gabe Tippmann – Level 1 Coach
  • Mark Dely – Level 1 Coach
  • Nick Solyom – Level 1 Coach
  • Samantha Shultz – Junior Trainer
  • Zach Hegbli – Junior Trainer
  • Eric Uetrecht – Junior Trainer
  • Mackenzie Miller – Junior Trainer
  • Zach Schubert – Junior Trainer
  • Katharine Beuchel – Junior Trainer