Scouting Events

The X Count helps shape the character of young people by working with local scouting groups, namely the American Heritage Girls and the Boy Scouts of America. We work closely with each of these organizations to help young people earn badges and gain knowledge about guns and gun safety. For the Boy Scouts, we offer a Merit Badge Clinic that fulfills the requirements for scouts to earn this badge. We also work closely with Eagle Scout candidates to help young men achieve this prestigious honor within the scouting community. American Heritage Girls will join us for a day of learning and a fun challenge. The X Count provides a clinic for these young ladies that fulfills the requirements and allows them to earn their Shooting Sports Badge. This clinic, which includes a themed escape room, emphasizes teamwork, safety, and shooting education. All scouts get the chance to shoot a gun under the expert instruction and supervision of our coaches.

American Heritage Girls

The American Heritage Girls’ shooting badge requires participants to learn the proper, safe procedures in using a gun. The X Count’s AHG clinic lasts a day in which girls participate in various activities to fulfill the multiple requirements of their shooting badge. Activities that we’ve previously included are a team-building escape room, a gun safety education program with the NRA’s Eddie Eagle, and hands-on experience in cleaning and shooting rifles. Girls leave with a strong foundation of gun safety knowledge and all of the requirements necessary to earn their shooting badge.

Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America and The X Count work together to help young men fulfill the requirements for their shooting merit badge. Like the AHG, the clinics cover all requirements necessary for the participating scouts to earn their merit badges. We also work with local Boy Scouts to help them on their journey to their Eagle Scout award. Many of our young men have earned this high honor, and we hope to continue that in the coming years.

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