High School Teams

We are passionate about teaching the next generation of gun owners about safety, responsibility, and discipline. The X Count partners with local high schools to form sustainable teams in which students can participate in an Olympic sport, develop focus and fine motor skills (to name but just a few benefits of the sport), and create lasting bonds with peers and classmates. Our coaches and staff believe that firearm safety is the key to preserving America’s unique Second Amendment rights. We strive to exemplify this attitude to our young athletes, forming a new generation of responsible gun ownership and upstanding, productive citizens.

Our high school athletes have the opportunity to participate in competitions across the United States. We are proud to say that we have sent several athletes to the Junior Olympics since The X Count’s inception. Athletes also have the chance to gain earn college scholarships. The X Count’s athletes have gone on to shoot at the University of Akron, The Ohio State University, Ole Miss, Univerisity of North Georgia, the United States Naval Academy, and the United State Coast Guard Academy, among others. In addition, our athletes have the opportunity to earn high school jacket letters and local, regional, or even national recognition for their accomplishments in the sport.