Elite Camp

The clinic will take place from Wednesday, June 28 – Sunday, July 2

The 2023 Elite Camp will follow in the footsteps of previous years. At this time we are anticipating the following lineup.

George Norton – (Pending Schedule Aprroval on February 8th)

Rick Johnson

Tori Kostecki

Lisa Kelley

Leighton Dempster

Additional 1-2 Coaches TBD

Sports Psychologist – Lauren Tait

Trainer – Dr. Jen Tippmann

Dietician – Sarah Doerffler, Certified Dietician

Evening Activities scheduled to include Science Central, Sweet Breeze Boat Tour, Crazy Pinz, & TBD.

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(4) fully understand that this is not an activity that comes without risk to person and/or property and will not hold The X Count or its staff liable for any physical injury or damage to personal property that occurs during the camp;
(5) are declaring that you have medical and hospitalization insurance to cover any injuries that may occur during the clinic.
(6) Agree that the deposit for camp is non refundable
Price: $250.00